Coke "Open Happiness"

Refreshing weekend.

I have to admit this weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. May have been since I was shooting Coca-Cola earlier this week and could now open up a few bottles and really “Open Happiness.”  It’s this years slogan, which took me down a little bit of a memory lane back to my childhood when I was only allowed to drink a Coke on special occasions. I of course started searched for earlier year slogans I remembered and Wikipedia has a pretty good list of the Coca-Cola slogan and its years that it ran, not only in the US but also around the world. A few of my favorites that I remember from back in the day:

1979 – Have a Coke and a smile (Though I wasn’t even living in the states then… )

1986 – Red White & You

1989 – Can’t Beat the Feeling.

1991 – Can’t Beat the Real Thing. (I think this one should come back!!) Also the old school Coke recipe should come back. Though it does seem to be close in the glass bottled coke from Mexico. And the best is still coming out from a fountain machine in the Big Sir Coast! I need to do a little road trip up there and enjoy some of that Classic Coke!

2001 – Life tastes good.

So this weekend I enjoyed my apartment pool with a few friends and their little kids enjoying the sun and a refreshing Coke in a glass bottle. I must say that glass just makes things taste even better! For some reason I feel like it must have been what my parents felt as they hung out with their friends and kids enjoying a Coke on the weekends. Who knew that such great marketing and, hey a good, product would tie so many memories and our lives together. Maybe I’m just the perfect consumer….

By the way if you are ever in Atlanta DEFINITELY go check out the World Of Coca-Cola. I got the chance to check it out years ago while I was out there on a shoot. It’s just a cool history of one company and it’s products. Fun fact the Coca-Cola logo was actually designed by the bookkeeper!

Here is one of the Coca-Cola images from last week.

Coke "Open Happiness"

Coke “Open Happiness”

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