MyPrice app

App for freelance pricing.

If you’re an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, or similar freelancer then this app is a definite download! Myprice is a free download on iTunes. It takes in account your education, business overhead, the size of your client, work experience and other factors to calculate your hourly rate or a project fee. It also allows you to save perevious projects to use as a reverance for next jobs, thanks to it being a cloud-based software.

It even has job listings and some great tips from their blog right on the app!

At the moment it doesn’t support anything for the freelance photographer but if you follow them on Twitter. It looks like that is in the works next…. Though the basic info: location, education, work experience, expenses and freelance life to calculate your hourly rate can definitely help any freelancer.   Here is what I got after filling out the basics:

MyPrice app

MyPrice app

Check out their short little video:

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